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SLT Pipeline Tow Method :
SLT offers the complete range of services required to successfully plan, manage and engineer offshore pipeline installations using tow methodology. This includes Bottom, Off-bottom, Mid-depth and Surface tow methodologies.

SLT can quickly develop optimum installation and construction strategies for the pipeline installation(s) based on the project key parameters such as location, water depth, seabed condition and environmental conditions.

SLT has proven the economic and technical merits of pipeline tow methodology by successfully completing landmark projects across Asia, Middle East and the Caspian Regions.

SLT has ensured the success of each and every project, by developing a deep understanding of the technical aspects through sophisticated modeling and analysis including risk assessment, which is backed up with hands-on construction/installation experience and know-how.

Pipeline Tow Method service capabilities include:
Tow Design Premise
Technical Notes
Project Studies
CAD Drawings
Construction Dossier/Manual
Material Take Off (MTO)
Technical Sketches
Contractor Scopes Of Work
Qualification & Testing
Procurement & Expediting
Fabrication and Construction
Simulation & Modelling
Civil works and Site make up
Planning & Cost Control
Offshore Tow and Tie-in
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