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SLT Asset & Integrity Management :

The SLT “asset management” capability is currently developed for onshore & offshore pipeline systems and subsea systems. We can assist our clients in making integrity maintenance & upgrade decisions that satisfy the following key criteria:

With the assistance of software applications, engineering models based on quantitive or qualitative approaches are used to estimate financial and HSE risks. As a result we are able to evaluate failure probabilities,

failure consequences and risk levels for all major threats to the pipeline and subsea systems. In parallel we can perform an array of complex analysis and modeling of the sub-system that require non-linearity to achieve accurate results.

For specific systems we integrate the latest research theories issued by reputable academic institutions in regards to the behavior of offshore structures with respect to vortex induced vibrations (VIV) or internal corrosion due to high concentrations of H2S.

Engineering Examples of our deliverables that can be developed are risk profiles, segment ranking, High-consequence areas, Integrity management options and optimal maintenance plans

Asset & Integrity Management service capabilities include:
System Risk & Reliability Assessment
Reduction in failure frequency
System Integrity Maintenance Philosophy & Planning
Minimize risk exposure
System Survey & Inspection Planning
System design life extension.
System Loss Prevention strategies
In accordance with appropriate codes & standards
System Assessment & Review
Comply with regulatory requirements
System Engineering for changes & upgrades    
Project Economic Evaluation & analysis    
For inspections, repairs or upgrades of the system, SLT can provide experienced personnel to assist the client or manage a consortium of contractors to ensure optimum efficiency of the system.
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