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Health, Safety & Environment
At SLT international we make health, safety and the environment an absolute priority by enforcing our policies, procedures throughout our organisation and making HSE part of our decision making processes.
These functions ensure that all employees understand the meaning and the importance of our HSE policy and for integrating HSE considerations into our daily business activities.

At SLT international our HSE objectives and targets are managed & controlled by regular system and performance evaluations, and periodic audit report on our performance.

As a part of our ongoing commitment to safety, we incorporate health, safety and environmental stewardship (HSE) in all our services by promoting our safety program, supporting our employees in their efforts to deliver our target of zero accidents, not harming our environment, and reinforcing management's commitment to HSE principles. We also provide a healthy and safe work environment that promotes the cultivation of quality work products.

Quality Control / Quality Assurance :
Since the beginning, SLT have recognised the importance of the Quality Assurance and have made it a pivotal part of our organisation. Client satisfaction is essential to us and as an organisation we strive to achieve this in every situation.

We have implemented processes and procedures to ensure that the quality is maintain throughout our organisation, we are an ISO 9001:2000-certified company.

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