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SLT Tank Farms :

With onshore systems, the demands for fulfilling orders swiftly, abundant supply, and strict environmental and safety requirements are on the increase. In order to meet these challenges plant owners need cost-effective, flexible and open solutions for executing and monitoring all processes.

SLT can create long-term competitive advantages through its service that seeks not only to optimise components but to genuinely improve the process.

With SLTs revolutionary tank management system, the client will enjoy more efficient operations with fewer capacity problems, greater availability, reduced inventory, and maximum system safety throughout the entire plant.

Tank Farms service capabilities include:
API 650 storage tank layouts with foundation & double bottom retrofit design.
Loading rack and fuel storage area containment and watershed canopy design & specifications.
Piping structural support bridge truss and underground secondary containment trench engineering.
Facility fuel truck loading area foam & water deluge fire suppression & sensor detection system design.
Tank farm level monitoring and control system development including level display, alarm, and control valve specifications.
Piping & Pump system development including thermal relief, corrosion protection, and flow control.
Tank & piping coating and cathodic protection development.
All designs are completed with emphasis on ASME, ANSI, API 650/653, AISC and
NFPA code compliance.
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