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SLT maintains a high level of awareness of its business and global environment as well as the changes in trends of onshore products. By recognising those environments and onshore trends, SLT has excelled at developing new technologies, as it envisions the future of the oil and gas industry.

Our other core competency is onshore systems, we are able to offer our clients a range of services that include construction management and commissioning of new facilities.

SLT offers clients an all-round onshore system solution. As a company we are flexible enough to undertake projects however challenging they may seem, client satisfaction is crucial to us.

Within the Onshore systems business area, SLT offers services in five (5) key categories as summarised below:
1. Processing Plants
  The surrounding environmental conditions of processing plant can differ greatly from uninhabited regions, desert, jungle to cold terrains. Regardless of these challenging conditions SLT strictly maintains the construction schedule as well as the costs for successful completion of the plant. Continued..
2. Tank Farms
  With onshore systems, the demands for fulfilling orders swiftly, abundant supply, and strict environmental and safety requirements are on the increase. In order to meet these challenges plant owners need cost-effective, flexible and open solutions for executing and monitoring all processes. Continued..
3. Debottle-necking
  The need to increase production capacity of existing facilities is rising, therefore debottle-necking is a common solution that generally increases capacity for a fraction of the cost of building new facilities. Continued..
4. Utility Systems
  SLT has developed extensive experience in strategic analysis, project planning and techno-economic evaluation, together with strong project management and contracting skills. All these factors enable SLT to deliver a standard of service that is second to none. Continued..
5. Onshore Pipeline
  The right pipeline control and instrumentation can make a large difference to performance and profitability to the client. SLT has not only developed a reputation of completing projects on schedule but also introduce new innovative systems and technology. Continued..
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