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SLT Fixed Offshore Platforms :

As more fields are being found in deep water, the technology required to design and build deep-ocean compliant structures continues to evolve to meet technical and economic needs for deepwater expansion.

The changing business climate will demand innovative platform configurations, reductions in the weight and cost of risers and mooring systems and solutions to the pipeline reliability problems, which is where SLT International is at its best with our continued effort into research and development and excel in the industry.

Fixed Offshore Platforms service capabilities include:
Conceptual & Final System Engineering Design
Alternate System Design
Platform Abandonment Engineering Support
Specification Preparation & Analysis
Platform Assessments
Tender Analysis
Compressor Vibration Analysis
Operational Process Design and Implementation
Appurtenance Design
Value Engineering Reviews
Process Equipment Skid Design
Production Platforms; jackets & decks
Third Party Verification (CVA)
Wellhead or Well Protector Platforms
Vessel Design
Caissons & Braced Caissons
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