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SLT Utility Systems :

SLT has developed extensive experience in strategic analysis, project planning and techno-economic evaluation, together with strong project management and contracting skills. All these factors enable SLT to deliver a standard of service that is second to none.

Utility Systems service capabilities include:
Instrument air & plant air system
Closed & open drain system
Produced water treatment system
Chemical injection system including hydrate prevention, corrosion inhibitor, demulsifies, scale inhibitor, antifoam, biocide, etc
Production of potable water & its sterilization systems
Production & injection of hypochlorite systems
CO2, dry powder, deluge, ring main, monitors & general fire fighting systems
Helifuel systems & its safety precautions
Gas lift systems including dehydration, compression & injection
Water injection systems including desalting, deoxygenating oil separation & injection
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