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The current and future world demand for energy is moving the search for oil and gas further into deeper waters and remote areas. However, these areas require significant capital expenditure to develop due to the limited technology available.

SLT International has been involved in developing simple innovative technologies to meet the new offshore challenges from a design and installation engineering perspective, to save time and reduce the overall project cost.

To date, SLT International has been involved with a range of innovative designs for offshore installations of jacket, topside and pipeline, which revolves around our deep understanding of the project requirement, regional constraints and offshore knowledge. One of our innovative technologies that we are proud to present is Snake-Lay, which is a patented invention to reduce the cost of subsea pipeline installations.

Essentially, Snake-Lay is a “spine” used to provide additional support to the pipestring, such that the pipestring can be safely transported or manoeuvred on the sea-bed. The spine is made up of individual modules which are linked by joints engineered to withstand bending moments in excess of 400 tonne-meters.
Snake-Lay Summary :

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(Lower than conventional methodology)
(More reliable and safer than conventional methodology)
(Variable water depth, post installation displacement on the seabed)
(Offshore pipeline lay rate of 5km per day is achievable)
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