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SLT Onshore Pipelines :

The right pipeline control and instrumentation can make a large difference to performance and profitability to the client. SLT has not only developed a reputation of completing projects on schedule but also introduce new innovative systems and technology.

SLT uses its expertise not only to new field development projects, but also at updating of existing facilities, particularly through the optimisation of the facilities and their control systems as well as bringing them into line with HSE standards.

Onshore Pipelines service capabilities include:
Route selection & right of way
Scraper traps, valve & metering stations
Regulatory authority approval
Structural design
Induced current mitigation
Cathodic protection
Land access
Coating systems
Environmental impact assessment
Material selection
Process design
Procurement & expediting
Metering & SCADA
Pressure testing & commissioning
River & road crossings    
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