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SLT Offshore Pipeline :
SLT identifies offshore pipeline systems as one of its core competencies. This is due to the wealth of experience on successfully completed projects and by having a competent team of experts. Our expertise includes the design of infield pipelines, export pipelines, pipe-in-pipe, HP/HT pipelines, pipeline tie-ins, multiphase pipelines and subsea tie-backs.
The success in this area is also down to clearly outlining and achieving client needs within the financial and technical parameters to the highest of standards.

SLT invest in new and innovative technologies to meet the ever growing technical challenges of offshore industry, to offer clients an up to date and all round efficient services.

SLT Offshore Pipeline capabilities include:
Thermo-hydraulic Analysis
Earthquake and mudslide design
Route Selection and Optimization
Spanning prevention and mitigation
Bottom Roughness Analysis
Pipe damage/buckle repair
Pipeline Design Support
Tees & Wyes
Anchors and Anchor Clamps
Pipe-in-Pipe Systems
Tees and Wyes
Subsea Hot Taps
Costing Studies
Contracting Strategy
Rigid Risers
Laydown/Termination Sleds
Static Analysis
Shallow and deepwater pipelines
Dynamic Analysis
Subsea connections
Guides and Clamps
Shore/platform approaches
Launcher / Receiver Facilities
Foreign line/cable crossings
Installation Analysis
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