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SLT Flow Assurance :

SLT international recognises that as there is an expansion in to deep and ultra deep water and therefore greater importance is put on the issue of flow assurance.

We can analyse the entire production system, from the reservoir to the separators, and beyond, to ensure that produced fluids continue to flow throughout the life of the field. SLT can bring an integrated solution to a project, combining the flow assurance design with the pipeline design at the early stages.

By integrating the flow assurance design with the riser design at the early stages of project engagement, we can design a more robust solution that addresses all of the necessary project issues.

Flow Assurance service capabilities include:
Fluid characterization; Phase behavior, PVT tuning, Fluid properties, Emulsion and viscosity characteristics
Steady state hydraulic and thermal analysis; Multiphase and single phase flow, Line sizing, pressure drops and deliverability
Transient hydraulic and thermal analysis
Insulation/Active heating requirements
Hydrate prediction, control and remediation; Methanol rates and volumes, low dosage inhibitors
Wax prediction and management; Deposition, Gelling, pour point depressants, restart pressures
Operability issues; Shutdown, cooldown, start-up, depressurisation, Pigging, Slugging, slug catcher sizing
Solids prediction and control; Sand, Asphaltenes, Scale
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