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SLT Processing Plants :

The surrounding environmental conditions of processing plant can differ greatly from uninhabited regions, desert, jungle to cold terrains. Regardless of the challenging conditions SLT strictly maintains the construction schedule as well as the costs for successful completion of the plant.

With the increase world demand for energy at cheaper prices, plant owner are forced to improve efficiency and profitability.

Therefore continuous improvements need to be made to optimise reliability and availability of the plant. SLT can help plants owner to do this and achieve and competitive advantage in the market.

Processing Plants service capabilities include:
Production manifold & distribution system
Power generation system
Wellhead Control Panel
Fuel storage & transfer system
Chemical injection units
Product metering & transfer system
Fire & gas detection & mitigation system
Glycol Dehydration
Monitoring & control system
Filters & Scrubbers
Emergency shut down system
Fuel conditioning & compression system
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