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SLT Project Services :

SLT carries out total project management in all project phases, including design, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance.


SLT selects team which is led by a project manager and within the team there will be expert engineers and staff from each discipline. Every decision will consider important factors such as schedule, cost, quality and safety.

SLT key aim in every project is to achieve economic efficiency, reliability, safety, higher operability / maintainability and consideration to the environment.

Within the Project Services business area, SLT offers services in six (6) key categories as summarised below:
1. Project Management & Control
  With our technical knowledge, SLT can offer the full spectrum of project management services within our core business areas. For each project that we take-on, the scope will be clearly defined and measurable and we take full accountability for the delivery of the results. Continued..
2. Asset & Integrity Management
  The SLT “asset management” capability is currently developed for onshore & offshore pipeline systems and subsea systems. We can assist our clients in making integrity maintenance & upgrade decisions that satisfy the following key criteria:

Reduction in failure frequency
Minimize risk exposure
System design life extension.
Meet appropriate codes & standards
Comply with regulatory requirements

3. Procurement Management
  At SLT we have the policy to set and maintain the highest Standards of Quality for procurement activities by implementing a comprehensive set of procedures developed for our core business areas so that we can provide a service that our clients can trust. Continued..
4. Special Studies
  At SLT we have the capability to perform special studies specific to the clients need within our core business areas. Continued..
5. Operation Support
  Operations Support is the construction management division of SLT. This group comprised construction specialists and inspectors, who work within the project organisation and they perform their role with the approach that adds value to each & every project they are involved in. Our Operations Support personnel are accustomed to the safety standards and the environmental considerations of the oil and gas industry. Continued..
6. Training Support Services
  In essence SLT maintains a policy to be locally sensitive by sharing our expertise and experience so that we can be solution partners in support of our clients. Therefore we are a company that is always approachable and flexible to help when necessary. Continued..
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