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SLT Floating Systems :

SLT International have a wealth of experience in floating systems, we have been able to establish an outstanding reputation for our project management skills with our team of expert engineer.

Our competent engineers can be directly responsible for the engineering design, conversion, fabrication, installation and commissioning of the full range of floating systems.

SLT superior experience in floating systems is down to successful completing projects to our clients complete satisfaction.

SLT Floating Systems capabilities include:
Marine / Naval Architectural Design
Wake analysis
Overall concept design and configuration layout
Analysis/assessment of components
Pipe sizing
Interface with flex joint manufacturer
Selection/spec of material and coating requirements
Riser Bases
Extreme load case analysis
Riser Analysis
Analysis of multiple pipe risers
Turret Stress Analysis
Fatigue analysis
VIV analysis
Vessel Conversion
Installation analysis
Installation Support
Evaluation of alternative materials
Interference analysis    
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