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SLT International has the technical resources at its disposal to meet the clients needs. Within the subsea system business area, we have a team of highly specialised engineers whose combined experience is over 100 years in industry.


SLT offers clients an all-round subsea system solution. As a company we are flexible to undertake projects however challenging they may seem, client satisfaction is paramount to SLT.

Within the subsea systems business area, SLT offers services in six (6) key categories as summarised below:
1. Offshore Pipeline
  SLT identifies offshore pipeline systems as one of its core competencies. This is due to the wealth of experience on successfully completed projects and by having an accomplished team of experts. Our expertise includes the design of infield pipelines, export pipelines, pipe-in-pipe, HP/HT pipelines, pipeline tie-ins, multiphase pipelines and subsea tie-backs. Continued..
2. Subsea Production System
  SLT international can successfully integrate the manifold system into the overall field development program to fully complement the Xmas tree(s), control system and production plan for the field development Continued..
3. Umbilical / Control Systems
  SLT offers the complete design and engineering suite required for the integration of subsea umbilical and control systems into the offshore field developments. This includes the technical support and monitoring during manufacturing, fabrication, assembly & testing. Continued ..
4. Pipeline Tow Methods
  SLT services include full development planning and engineering for pipeline tow methodology and site supervision. This contributes to maximum investment efficiency from a project life cycle and business perspective for the client Continued..
5. Snake-Lay Technology
  SLT International has been involved in joint industry developments to devise simple innovative technologies to meet the new offshore challenges from a design and installation engineering perspective, to save time and reduce the overall project cost. . Continued..
6. Flow Assurance
  SLT can bring an integrated solution to a project, combining the flow assurance design with the pipeline design at the early stages. Continued..
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